Point Score 2

Kangaroo Lake Caravan Park will have 98 fuel available for the weekend. The new owners have had their tanks tested and passed and have a fresh load of 98 fuel being delivered on Thursday in time for racing. Hopefully competitors will take advantage of having fuel available at the venue and support the Caravan Park who are doing everything they can to make it a great weekend of racing. Pizzas and other take away food can be ordered throughout the day on Saturday to pick up at the end of racing at a time you nominate.

Point Score 2 entries

Point score 2 entries are now closed.  Any entries submitted online will incur the $27.00 late entry fee.  Substitutions can be submitted online until 5pm Friday 27th October 2017. Any entries submitted without payment that have not contacted SRV admin have not gone into the draw and need to be paid for on Saturday morning before racing.  If you race without a paid entry penalties will apply.