SRA New Speed Limit

New Speed Limit :  The entire sport is to be capped at 120mph. Effective immediately!!!  U10’s speed limit remains at 60mph regardless of what class they are running. U13’s speed limit is 70mph. Effective immediately regardless of what class they are running.       U16’s Speed limited 85 mph. Effective immediately regardless of what class they are running.

Official notification regarding Victorian Titles PS3

Dear Members,   Due to the severe weather warnings for Victoria over the next 3 days the decision made by the SRV Board is to postpone the Vic titles. We haven’t taken this decision lightly but felt with competitors having to travel to the event in such conditions as well as what was predicted over the weekend that it was just not safe to run the event.   All entries received will be for the new date, anybody who wants to put an entry in later would be a late entry. A list of entries received will be put out … Continue reading

Victorian Titles PS3 update

SRV are monitoring weather conditions today and will make a decision late this afternoon about running the event this weekend. People travelling to the event in extreme weather and safety at the event are our main concerns. Safety must come first.   An announcement will posted on facebook, SRV website and an email sent to the contact email on all entries late this afternoon when a final decision is made. Please advise all members of your team for any entries you have put in.

Victorian Titles PS 3

A quick update for this weekend’s racing. Kangaroo Lake Caravan Park have a fresh batch of premium 98 delivered for this weekend. It is great of them to fill up their tank for our race weekends so if anyone needs fuel please show our support and save yourself a trip to Kerang. We are planning to run the very popular annual Legend Appreciation Race this weekend. Time permitting it will be run last race on Saturday. Entry forms will be available from the tent on Saturday and we will keep everyone updated through the day.

Tasman Challenge Auction / Vic Titles

Hope everyone is ready for a great weekend of racing at the Victorian Titles at Lake Charm.  A few items below to be aware of for the weekend. The annual Tasman Challenge Auction will be held on Saturday night at the boat club. SRV are still accepting Auction items so please contact Nath Evans or Maddi Boyer ASAP if you would like to contribute to this great cause. SUBSTITUTIONS – All substitutions must be submitted 2 races prior to the race being substituted, there will be no exceptions to this other than for a broken boat or injured skier.  No … Continue reading