Tasman Information

The Tasman Challenge is a junior event held annually in alternating countries between the ski race associations of Victoria and New Zealand.  Each skier has a dedicated boat for race one on Saturday and swap boats with their competitor for their second race on Sunday.  Each skier accumulates points from each race calculated on their times. The team calculated with the most points takes home the prestigious Trans Tasman Cup. Each race sees only 6 boats on the water at a time. These boats are handpicked from our leading outboards from our point score series in Victoria. This ensures we have our most professional crews out on the water. All boats used for racing are outboards from our F2 and SMOC classes. This is so we can ensure all boats are evenly matched which helps for close and fair racing. This year’s Tasman Challenge will be held in New Zealand on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April 2022 TBC.  The Tasman Team will be selected from the highest point scorer over the first 3 point scores. The point score series point system will be used for the selection process. If there are 2 skiers on drawn points after the first 3 point scores then the Tasman Challenge Committee will use the 1,000 point system to select the team member on the highest points. This is the time-based system used for the Tasman Challenge. Skiers must meet the following criteria to be eligible to compete:
  • Only eligible to ski in their own age division
  • Must submit a Nomination Form by the closing date on the form
  • Accept the Code of Conduct and Event Expectations on Nomination Form and obey the criteria
  • Be listed as a Victorian member through their SRA membership at the start of the 2021/2022 season
  • Compete in the full Ski Racing Victoria Point Score Series
  • Have a parent or guardian to travel to the event with them
If a skier receives a disqualification due to the new speed cap rules or a breach of any SRA rules, the skier will receive no points for that race. The age classes that will run in the next Tasman Challenge are as follows: Under 12 – 15 Minute plus 1 lap Race Time (70mph speed cap) Under 14 – 20 Minute plus 1 lap Race Time (80mph speed cap) Under 16 – 25 Minute plus 1 lap Race Time (90mph speed cap) Under 18 – 30 Minute plus 1 lap Race Time (100mph speed cap) All competitors will be responsible to help with fundraising throughout the season. Failure to assist with fundraising or any antisocial behaviour may mean exclusion from the team. The children will receive a fundraising role upon handing in their nomination forms. Fundraising will go toward the running of the Tasman Challenge event including flights and accommodations for the skiers, team uniform, paramedics for the race weekend, fuel for the race boats, venue expenses, trophies for the event, course boats, presentation for team members and some food and drinks provided on race day. The Tasman Challenge is an expensive event to run and therefore we need your support. The team will be announced at Point Score 3 for all age classes. Nominations for 2022 event need to submitted by 2pm Sunday 12th December.  All documents are below, if you have any queries please contact admin@waterskiracing.com 2022 Tasman Challenge Nomination Form pdf download 2022 Tasman Challenge Cup General Criteria pdf download 2022 SRA Junior NZ Athlete Team Agreement pdf download SRV Code of Conduct for Tasman Challenge pdf download SRV Tasman Challenge Junior Skiers Guide pdf download