Race Day Information/Entry Form


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2023-24 Point Score Series Entry Form

Registration opens: 7.00am
Breath Testing:  7.00 - 7.30am
Briefing:  7.30
Racing Starts: 8.00am

Only completed and paid entries will be processed.  3 entries constitute a class.

Any entry with TBA boat or driver will be put on the outside of the grid. Entries from our online entry format only. No exception.

Late entries close 3 races prior to event – for the first three races of each race day late entries close prior to start of the advertised briefing.

Transfer Entries
Entries can be transferred for a non-start in an event on the following conditions:

  • The skier is injured in an earlier event and cannot compete again that day
  • The boat is broken and is unable to compete in that event
  • Transfer Form must be completed before the 8-minute hooter for the event in question and will not be considered after.
  • Entries will only be transferred if Transfer Form is completed at time of race.
  • Entries can only be transferred to the next Point Score If not used they are forfeited.

There are no financial refunds given on completion of season.

Registration - 7:00am
Registration will be held prior to racing each day at the advertised times. During the advertised time boat sanction fee of $25 is payable and name of helper for the day must be put on the duty roster.

Breath Testing - 7:00 to 7:30am
Breath testing is to be done by ALL competitors and officials 18 years of age and over. There will only be ONE breath testing time slot per day, breath testing will finish at the end of the advertised breath testing time slot - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Briefing - 7:30am
As per SRA Rule 13.12 there is no online briefing.  All competitors (except U12 and U14) must attend the briefing at each point score event.

Grids and Poles
Grids and poles will be run as per the program unless changes are necessary. No boats will be permitted to start in the grid of another class for the sake of a late entry unless permitted by the Chief Judge.

Helpers are one of biggest problems at Point Score events and we need more volunteers to spread the load. It is a condition of entry that a helper is provided for each day you compete.  All competitors will be required to put a helper on the duty roster when breath testing has been completed.  Any competitor who does not nominate a helper, or if the helper does not turn up for the designated duty will have penalties applied.

Point Score Series Scoring System – 20, 16, 14 -----
The Series is run on a point score basis with all boats, drivers, observer & skiers earning points for competing in each of their eligible divisions and classes.
First -            20 points             Sixth -                        8 points
Second -      16 points              Seventh -                   6 points
Third -          14 points              Eighth -                      4 points
Fourth -        12 points              All other finishers -     2 points
Fifth -            10 points              Non finishers -           1 point
Disqualified -   0 points

Competitors must compete in a minimum 3 races in the Point Score Series in a class to be eligible for end of season trophies.
The Victorian Titles also count as a point score making it a five race Point Score Series.

Point Score Series Totals
Competitor’s best 4 results from the 5 race series are tallied to determine total points. In a 6 race series the best 5 results are used.

  • Competitors must drop one race result. Disqualified races cannot be dropped.
  • Competitors can drop a race they did not compete in.
  • Competitors cannot drop a race held at an event at a time they were not a registered member of SRA.
  • If one or more races are cancelled, then one race is still to be dropped.
  • If there is a tied result there will be a count back of all events. If still tied the dropped race to be included.  If still tied a joint result will be awarded.