GPS Protocol

Approved GPS Units Competitors must use a Garmin 73 or 73H GPS unit as per SRA Rule Book.  No other units will be accepted.  It is your responsibility to supply the correct USB download cable for your GPS unit -  GPS Instructions pdf download GPS Units Must be clearly labelled with the GPS unit serial number Unit must be in miles and miles per hour Must be presented to the GPS Checking Station showing the front screen that displays speed, max speed and distance or trip odometer Who must use a GPS at Point Score Events? At any series days/point score event all Inboard powered boats competing in any class with the exception of boats competing in 5.2 Litre, 6 Litre and Stock 6 Litre class (unless those boats are towing a speed restricted competitor) are required to carry and use a GPS Garmin 73. Outboard powered boats are excused from this requirement unless towing a speed restricted skier or competing in a speed restricted class. Penalties apply as per rule 8.11. Who must present a GPS? Skier, Driver, Observer or Team Captain must present the GPS unit to the GPS Checking Station when required.  If under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. When GPS units be must presented It is the competitor’s responsibility to present their GPS unit to the GPS Checking Station before and after each race entered Competitors must present their GPS units regardless if they finish or not within 15 minutes of completion of the race.If the GPS unit is not presented within the allowed time: Disqualification will apply At the GPS Checking Station the GPS Coordinator will: Pre-Race
  • Clear the GPS and Record the GPS unit serial number
  • Check the GPS unit serial number
  • Check and record the max speed and distance or trip odometer
As per 2019/20 SRA Rule 8.11 - Protests will not be permitted on GPS readings