Ski Racing Australia (SRA) have confirmed the following safety scrutineering requirements.
** Safety Scrutineering is required before any boat can compete in an SRA sanctioned event.
2021-22 Season
Gate 4 – Prior to any boat competing in its next event.
2023 Season
Gate 1 – Opens 1st February 2023. All boats regardless of whether having competed or not must be re-scrutineered. This is an RMS requirement.
** New boats for the 2023 season must be scrutineered prior to their first race.
Note: All boats with cable steering are required to change their steering cable
All V Drives must have their Prop and Rudder Crack Tests
Additional scrutineering gates (dates) for the 2023 season will be advised at a date closer to the start of the 2023 season.
SRA maintains a database to track boats competing. Any boat not supplying their particular gate scrutineering will be ineligible to race until scrutineering is received by SRA.
If a boat is competing the week after each gate opens, boat owners will need to ensure that SRA is updated accordingly prior to competing that the boat has be re-scrutineered.
Copies of any scrutineering (gate or otherwise) must be forwarded to SRA promptly. Please email to