Point Score 1 Results

Welcome back ski racers. It was great to see ski racing back on the water in Victoria at Point Score 1 held at Lake Glenmaggie on 27th & 28th November. Thanks to Glenmaggie & District Boat Club and all their volunteers for providing a great venue for the weekend, camping, catering and Saturday night dinner that was enjoyed  by everyone at the event.  With overcast skies, a little rain and plenty of wind there was great racing all weekend. Bisho livened things up with his commentary over the weekend and thanks to everyone who put their hand up to help out either on a course boat or in the tent.  Without people coming up to help events would not run.  Special thanks to the people who were on a course boat or in the tent all weekend - Paul Collard, George D, Spot & Britney Lightbody, Carlie Davison, Jo Fogarty, Kimmy Cartledge and Eden Henderson who helped on Sunday when we needed a helper.  Thanks also to Chris Handley for putting his hand up to be Race Director, Poga and Brendon Fogarty for covering the Safety Officer role.  It was the quickest pack up I have seen so thanks to Andy Sproull, Josh Tyrrell and their helpers as well as Tim Pickford. My apologies to anyone I have missed mentioning. Victorian Titles PS 2 is only a  couple of weeks away so keep an eye out for the entry form in the next day or two. PS 1 Lap Details Results PS 1 Points Results