SRV PS 1 Information

Welcome back to racing competitors, it will be great to see everyone back on the water this weekend at Lake Glenmaggie.

Some information for the weekend:

  • As per the entry form and under current restrictions, all competitors and spectators need to be double vaccinated to attend.  It is a condition of entry that everyone will need to QR code in and provide proof of double vaccination.
  • Ensure all paperwork has been submitted to SRA, any queries about your membership please email .
  • Breath Testing will be from 7:00am to 7:30am Saturday and Sunday followed by briefing (briefing sheet attached).
  • Anyone waiting for a seal/sticker for their boat, Frazer Donehue (Raptor) will have them on the weekend.
  • Tasman Challenge team nominations are open, information available on the website.
  • Rookie drivers please ensure you have a red stripe under your number on the boat, attend rookie briefing (after main briefing) and complete the Rookie Driver History sheet each day and hand in with your Race Day Report (available on the SRV website).
  • Anyone needing fuel on the weekend should consider getting it on the way at Traralgon, or the servo at Heyfield (Timberline) has high turnover of Premium fuel to ensure it is fresh.
  • GPS will be required over the weekend.
  • Bookings for camping and Saturday Night roast (numbers limited) can be made by clicking on the link
  • It would be great if substitutions (especially TBA) could be submitted via the online substitution form by Friday to ease the workload over the weekend.  Substitutions done on the day must be submitted within the timeframe for them to be accepted.
  • Helpers are vital to keep races moving so all competitors will be required to nominate helpers when signing in – no helpers, no racing.

After such a long break from racing everyone should ski to the conditions and the ability of their team.

I have included all competitors I currently have email addresses for so please share with team members.  If you have any questions send me an email or a quick call, I will be travelling to Glenmaggie tomorrow so may not be available if you call so please leave a message.