2020 Robinvale Euston 80

Robinvale Euston 80 finished for another year with a successful event. Great weather, great racing and great results all round with new records set.  Congratulations to Strike Force on a great run winning 1st Outright and all other competitors.
Huge thanks to everyone who helped in anyway over the weekend from putting the course in, helping with pack collection, breath testing, briefing, timing, course boats, turnaround helpers and pack up. A huge job made easier when great people put their hand up to help. Too many people to name individually but you all know who you are.

2020 Robinvale Under 10
2020 Robinvale Social
2020 Robinvale Under 12 Social Return Leg
2020 Robinvale Dash
2020 Robinvale Saturday Single
2020 Robinvale Expert
2020 Robinvale Outright