2019 World Championships

Congratulations to all competitors at the World Championships in Vichy. Another outstanding result from all Australian competitors winning the overall team medal and 5 of the 6 World Titles.
Wishing Dave Bisho a speedy recovery and hope you are home soon.
Junior Boys
1st – Carter Robertson World Champion (AUS)
2nd – Zac McEwin (AUS)
3rd – Ryan Stanford (AUS)
Junior Girls
1st – Nellie McMillan World Champion (AUS)
2nd – Riley Jarvis (AUS)
3rd – Haylee Gibson (AUS)
F2 Women
1st – Sylvia de Spiegeleier World Champion (Belgium)
2nd – Karen Follington (AUS)
3rd – Lucy Savona (AUS)
Open Women
1st – Ellen Jones World Champion (AUS)
2nd – Maddi Boyer (AUS)
3rd – Vicky Leysen (Belgium)
F2 Men
1st – Lachlan Nix World Champion (AUS)
2nd – Jack Stevens (AUS)
3rd – Jake Frame (UK)
Open Men
1st – Ben Gulley (AUS)
2nd – Todd Haig (USA)
3rd – Tim Leisens (Belgium)