2019 World Championships

Congratulations to all competitors at the World Championships in Vichy. Another outstanding result from all Australian competitors winning the overall team medal and 5 of the 6 World Titles. Wishing Dave Bisho a speedy recovery and hope you are home soon.   Junior Boys 1st – Carter Robertson World Champion (AUS) 2nd – Zac McEwin (AUS) 3rd – Ryan Stanford (AUS)   Junior Girls 1st – Nellie McMillan World Champion (AUS) 2nd – Riley Jarvis (AUS) 3rd – Haylee Gibson (AUS)   F2 Women 1st – Sylvia de Spiegeleier World Champion (Belgium) 2nd – Karen Follington (AUS) 3rd – Lucy … Continue reading

2019 Sandown 500 V8’s

2019 Sandown 500 V8’s has been moved from it’ usual date in September to November 8-10th 2019. A great opportunity has been presented to SRV who have been approached by the organiser of the Display Vehicles to see if SRV (SRA) are interested in displaying a selection of boats and an Information stand at the event. In previous years, the display vehicles bump in on Thursday (preferably) and leave Sunday after racing concludes.  Persons wishing to display their vehicles have been offered two weekend passes each, including paddock passes, for around $30 in return. Please note 24 hour security guard … Continue reading

Gate 4 Scrutineering due

All competitors, please note GATE 4 scrutineering is now in effect. Prior to next competing, please arrange to have your boat scrutineered and forward copy to memberships@skiracing.com.au Upcoming events are 16-17 March, ACT day and 23-24 March SRV day. Those competitors need to arrange scrutineering asap. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to the SRA office.