SRV 2019-20 Point Score Series Format

Hi Members,

After recent feedback in particular from all the members that took the time to come to our AGM, the overwhelming consensus was that our members wanted 1 day of racing moving forward.

The SRV board have reviewed our point score program and are pleased to announce the following point score racing format for the 19/20 season.  The SRV Board did our best not to cut too many races from the program, we have combined more races and are still offering our members the most racing possible in regards to classes offered, although we understand we are not going to be able to please everyone.  This new format will run for PSC1, PSC3, PSC4 & PSC5, PSC2 which this year will be our Vic Titles will see the same format run, but it will be split over 2 days of racing (7 & 8 December 2019) and each race will have 5 minutes extra time added to it.

By Racing on Saturday only, it gives members more time to relax and enjoy the social aspects of racing with their friends and fellow competitors, they can stay the Saturday night, relax and then head home early Sunday and be home at a reasonable hour.  It also gives SRV more opportunity to get assistance in setting up and packing up the course etc as stated at the AGM, we are not in the best financial position right now and things had to change and we again confirm we seek your support to ensure that our great club stays viable and we can all continue to race now and long into the future.

It’s 2019 and things had to change from 20 years ago and we need to move with the times and support what our members are asking for, so we really hope you show your support and we get increased numbers at point score events etc.

I thank everyone for their support at the AGM and the exceptional response we received from new format ideas from our members, we appreciate you all taking time out of your busy lives, this was very much appreciated.

The SRV Board look forward to seeing you all at PSC1 which will be on Saturday 26th  October @ Lake Boga.

2019 to 2020 Point Score Format

Yours Sincerely

Kris Pogorelec
Ski Racing Victoria