Notice to Crew Updates

Update to SRV Notice to Crew for Tasman Challenge (change highlighted in red).  The change shows selection for U20’s age class.

Notice to Crew Tasman Challenge Update

Updated wording for World’s training at Point Scores.

SRA World’s team training (only applicable in a World’s Event season)

A skier who intends to compete for a place in the Australian team will be allowed, at the SRV Board, Race Director and Chief Judge’s discretion, to compete in additional races for training purposes only and not score points towards any SRV awards. The team must be briefed by the Race Director and Chief Judge on how such racing will be conducted. Entry fee:  $48 per entry. Entries will run on the far outside in last grid and must pass to the outside.

To be eligible for additional races for World’s training purposes competitors must email 10 days prior to each event for approval prior to close of online entries.  Nominations must clearly state it is for World’s team training and include classes you want to run and details of crew for each race.  On receipt of approval entries must be lodged online prior to closing date.  No late nominations for World’s training or entries not lodged online prior to closing will be accepted.